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Companies for the manufacturing network Hamburg

We are looking for partners from the greater Hamburg area: carpenters, metal fabricators, painters, upholsterers. All trades from the field of furniture manufacturing are in demand.
With Production Next Door, a web-based platform will be created to support local production, which promotes the networking of regional production networks, digitalizes local coordination processes and value chains, and creates direct access to customers via an e-commerce store for locally produced products. For this we are looking for you as a partner. We are now entering into an exchange with our partners in the course of building the platform in order to coordinate requirements and needs. We will keep you informed about the progress and involve you in the conceptual design of the platform. After all, no one knows your business better than you do. We want the platform to offer you added value and strengthen local production in the long term. As soon as the platform is up and running, the first orders should be placed with you.

Benefits for the cooperation partners

Participate in bringing a piece of the digital space back into the hands of local businesses. Expand the market for locally produced products and help us develop a platform that comprehensively addresses the needs of producers. ProNeD is designed to bring together the special qualities, experiences and resources of local producers so that together we can offer more sustainable products. Our sister project has already gone public with the Makerchallenge and has generated quite a bit of attention (, As a partner company, we will of course promote your company on our site. In addition, you will benefit from our knowledge in the field of digitalization and production technologies. Of course, we also want to connect you with other future-oriented companies. In the end, the goal is to regain market share through modernistically designed and cleverly developed furniture. In this way, production at the point of need continues to gain value.

Knowledge Exchange

  • Support with topics and questions about your production and processes in your company

  • Interviews and expert meetings


  • Partners gain visibility through the project's media presence

  • Networking and empowerment through community


  • ilot users are involved from the beginning and can grow with the platform

  • Adaptation to own user needs

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Partner 3

Ihre Schreinerei GmbH

Hamburg Innenstadt

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Hier hat jeder Partner Zeit etwas über sich zu erzählen. Wir würden uns über Ihre Geschichte freuen, wo findet man ihrer Schreinerei, wie lange gibt es sie schon in Hamburg und was ist das ganz besondere an Ihrer Arbeit. Machen sie auf sich Aufmerksam und gewinnen Sie Kunden und generieren Sie Aufmerksamkeit die Ihnen für Ihre Pionierarbeit zusteht.
Na dann Man Tau… Nehmen Sie Kontakt auf und werden Sie Partner, ganz ohne Verpflichtung.

Ihre Schreinerei GmbH

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[Ihr Logo]

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Frequently asked questions

The project is funded by The is a scientific center supported by both universities of the German Armed Forces and part of the economic stimulus program of the German government to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. It is subject to academic self-administration. The University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich is in charge. The funds with which the has been endowed by the BMVg division are used at both universities of the Bundeswehr to finance research projects and projects for the transfer of knowledge and technology (in particular to promote start-ups).
The project is initially planned until 2024. We will post information regarding any possible extension to our newsblog.
We are a research project on dynamic local production, our goal is to create a design, distribution and organization platform that promotes this form of local production and will make it possible in the future for customers to make more sustainable consumption choices.
The creation of the platform is already underway. There is still some work to be done before implementation. A release well before the end of the project is planned.
The project will seek entrepreneurial partners in the implementation of the dynamic manufacturing network as it progresses. Contact can be made via the form or our email address.