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The challenges of our time are more diverse and diffuse than ever before. Against this backdrop, the production sector in general, aware of its own socially relevant role, must proactively identify new ways of tackling the current global challenges and find points of contact for a new understanding of value creation. The merging of real and digital space as well as increasingly blurring corporate boundaries require an expanded understanding. To achieve this, the boundaries between different research disciplines must be broken down and the new interdisciplinary cooperation strengthened. The Production Next Door project is one of the many unique projects of the researchers of the New Production Institute.

Quote: „The New Production Institute emerged from the interdisciplinary research group Value Chain Systems of the Laboratory of Production Engineering (LaFT) at Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg. As a think tank for the future of value creation and production, the experts of the New Production Institute are working on various projects dealing with the transformation of value creation systems against the backdrop of new possibilities for networking and production in times of digital transformation. In particular, the focus is on the operationalization of openness in new modes of value creation (open innovation, open design, open production and open source). The institute’s staff has many years of national and international project experience and has a broad spectrum of network and project partners as well as numerous memberships in scientific and industrial associations and knowledge clusters. “

To learn more about the institute and its partners, follow the link. The new web presence bundles all information on current topics, events and the institute’s research.
Image 1: The focus of the “New Production Institute”, from traditional industry to the digital and local production of tomorrow.