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Production Next Door is one of the many unique projects of the researchers inside the New Production Institute. The research project aims to explore new ways of efficient local production at the point of need. We are very pleased to be able to report on our goals, values and project progress on our website. After weeks of technical, contentual and also many visual adjustments, we finally present our website – informative, modern and of course responsive. Our team is currently working in the background on the architecture of the future platform on which creatives, developers, engineers and tinkerers can jointly develop products. Supported by innovative solutions from the field of collaborative work, products will be created that customers can then order independently in from a webshop environment. The ordered products will be offered by the intelligent system in the background to the different producers in the network for manufacturing.

We will keep you regularly updated on our new blog page. We now hope you enjoy discovering our new homepage! For detailed information about our project and the possibility to become a partner please contact us via the usual ways, e.g. use our contact form and inform us of your request. We will get back to you.
The informative website of is online, learn all about the project and stay up to date.